Adobe Dimension CC Renderings

Adobe Dimension is one of those tools that has a nice starter pack of different assets for beginners, as well as the ability to start from scratch (as most do). This container pack was perfect for messing with the materials and renderings. The ability to create in game objects or assets utilizing Adobe Dimension is quite intriguingly easy. It is one of those tools that both concept artists and product designers can use.


Making a Sprite in 1 Minute

It may seem like a really quick amount of time, but Piskel is an online tool that allows you to make a sprite using drag and drop and export the gif, png, or sprite sheet instantaneously. It is one of the quickest tools out there for those wanting to get started on sprite artwork.

New Piskel(1)

Lighting w/ Vectary

Vectary is one of those online 3D modeling tools, that claims to be one of the easiest to learn. However, to me, it was a bit hard to get started, and didn’t know a left click could be used to change the view if one lost the “3D model”. Overall though, it was quite enjoyable, and it has a nice library of materials and environments. I only wish the usability was a bit easier to get around. ~ Andrew


Trying “Rhino 6”

Rhino is one of those 3D modeling tools that I am less familiar with. Anyways, after messing around with it for 5 minutes and testing shading, rendering and “perspective views”, this is the best I could come up with on the rendering settings. Probably after 18 hours of tinkering, this image may become a nice car. Overall, I would recommend it as a complex software out there but seemingly easy to learn. ~Andrew


Trying Phaser Editor 2D

In terms of all drag and drop IDEs that I have used so far, this one was one of the most confusing. However, it is still a nice editor. It has the ability to script in HTML and Javascript to make in browser games, and has the ability to make your own asset pack and extract the source. I liked this IDE for a variety of reasons, as scripting was quite easy on it. However, I didn’t like the fact that doing custom art work or messing around with switching off textures wasn’t as straight forward. Overall the UX can have some slight improvements. ~ Andrew


Experiencing Gamefroot

Gamefroot aims to be the “scratch” of game development. All these assets you see come from a drag and drop IDE that they created and images they made. You have these event based “blocks” for each object which has a dropdown menu for you to determine what the object will do. It basically teaches kids basic logic and if then statements. For professional game development, it is a bit limited, and the controls for switching assets aren’t as robust as Cocos2d or Construct2. However, in terms of making a game the quickest way possible, it is like the poster child of being a template box or scratch based IDE for game development. For beginners, this is what I would definitely recommend. As harsh as I may seem, it was enjoyable and is definitely something I could still make a few quick games on.


Google Sketchup Fun!

Recently, I have had the pleasure to mess around again with Google Sketchup. Usually, I do Google Sketchup for architectural designs, but decided to utilize it to work on a model of a Starship that I may integrate in a game later. It was quite enjoyable. ~ Andrew


Messing w/ Playcanvas

First off, just started getting more used to Playcanvas IDE, and used their Hovership template. Right now, I am working on integrating a particle system, as well as messing around with some texturing and lighting. This will get me used to exporting and texturing some of my own 3D assets. ~ Andrew


Asteroid Exploder

Download Asteroid Game

I have been messing around with GameMaker Studio lately, having just downloaded the latest stable release on my Desktop. I found this great asset on the marketplace, and decided to compile it and edit the background for non-commerical use. I was testing the integration of adding extensions to Game Maker Studio projects, which is done apparently by going to: New Project –> Extensions section –> Add extension. This is for demo purposes only, and to keep you guys entertained while I am developing real games in the background. Check the artist here. Thanks and happy development!